What is Straight Talk From the Taxpayer?

This web feature is the public arm of Governor Cuomo’s Office of Taxpayer Accountability. It allows you - the taxpayer - to submit your own ideas, discuss and comment on other taxpayers’ ideas, and vote the best ideas to the top of the list. We are looking for ideas that will save taxpayer dollars, provide property tax relief, and promote government efficiency, performance, accountability and transparency.

We ask that you act in good faith and assume good faith on the part of others. Respect your colleagues even if you may not agree with them. Be civil. Avoid personal attacks, and sweeping generalizations. The site is moderated to ensure civility, so submitted ideas will not appear right away. We reserve the right to delete any posts that violate these terms. The Office of Taxpayer Accountability is open and welcoming of your input.

So, be bold in contributing to help make New York a better State!

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